Today I just want to thank you Bella and your whole team! I don’t remember the last time I used a biquini and last week I put one on 😀 I felt so good about myself, super confidente! All the clothes that stopped fitting me years ago are all I use now! I learned how to eat the right way and that has no price! I want to congratulate you guys for the beautiful job! Thank you so much!
    Priscila Freitas
    It’s such an honor receiving such great feedback from your team every week! Like I mentioned in the very beginning of this journey, with time and trust in your work, I knew I would see great results! As soon as my plan this month is finished I will definitely be renewing my membership with you guys, I loved the program! Thank you Team Bella Falconi!
    Leonardo Stollmeier
    Hey Bella & Team ❤ After almost 2 years of trying different ways of eating and trying out different online coaching, I think I finally found the best diet for ME! The one my body has responded to the best! I feel so balanced and happy 😀 In other words, I finally learned how I need to eat to be my best version! Before I started on your program I was afraid of fats. I used to barely have any fats in my diet and based practically all of my diet on carbs and protein. I never felt satisfied after eating and felt hungry all day long. After I started with Team Bella Falconi I was assigned a whole bunch of healthy fats and guess what? That is exactly what my body was asking for! I feel much better throughout the day, more energetic and balanced! THANK YOU!!!!! I am so happy! I love you all! <3
    Valentina Tascon
    It was 45 days of hard work and dedication! The meal plan you guys created for me had the best results on my body. Results that I have never had before! I loved the program! Thank you for everything Team Bella!
    Fabricio Silva
    Peopleeee!! I cannot thank Bella Falconi and her team any more! They are helping me change my lifestyle and my body has been loving it! Yesterday I commemorated 6 months on the team and my happiness is through the roof! The change on my body is absolutely amazing!

    I am ready to keep killing it with my team!!! 😀 

    Naomi Enomoto
    I would like to thank you Bella. You have honestly changed my life! I have worked with 4 or 5 nutritionist before coming to your team and NEVER saw such a significant change on my body as I had here. I started on a journey with you that has changed my life and I won’t ever want to go back to my old ways. Thank you so much, again Team Bella Falconi!
    José Rubens

    Hey Team Bella Falconi!

    I am so happy with my results from this month! I went from 61kg to 56kg and lost very little muscle, if any. Thank you so much! I have learned SO much and am super excited to continue this journey with your team! Next step, gain muscle! 🙂

    Rafaella Veloso
    Team Bella Falconi <3
    I don’t know where to start! 😀 I am delighted with the results of my 3 month program! I couldn’t imagine I would get in this shape especially after 30! It’s really a happy feeling! I’ve been fighting with my weight as long as I can remember and now without having to follow a strict diet I am achieving my goals and learning so much! Feeling so happy and I am so in love with this new life! Thank you Team Bella, I am looking forward to our next months together! YOU ARE THE BEST! 
    Janaina Ferr


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